Making Copperfoil Screenprints

Screenprinting with the added element of copper foiling is a fun addition but an extra step in the process. Below I show you the process of printing the Ye & Me cards that produced for Valentines Day 2020.

I’ve found that using traditional glue used for goldfoil or copperfoil tends to be too loose in texture and therefore loose it’s shape, and block the screen more easily. As I experimented I found that using the ink works effectively as a glue for the foil as long as you apply the foil directly so the ink doesn’t dry before you are able to apply the foil. Therefore, the process begins like every screenprint.

With your screen and your ink squeegie your design onto your paper.

Note: I’ve blocked out the triangle (an element of the initial design) as I decided it didn’t add anything to the end product.

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After each screenprint you need to apply your foil. It’s important that you do this immediately so your ink doesn’t dry and acts like a glue.

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While this can be a delicate procedure it is easy to get a hang of it the more you do it.
Lay your foil on the wet ink and apply pressure. I’ve found that a soft paintbrush or even blowing on the foil as you lay it down tend to help it stick evenly. In the video I use my finger which works as well but I’ve since found the other processes work well.
Tear the bit of foil off and put aside to the let the ink dry fully.

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With a soft paintbrush agitate the foil and the extra bits will start to flake away.

This process can be used with gold leaf, silver or copper leaf. I have had good luck with durability of the foil but haven’t had the opportunity to test longevity or archival qualities.

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Happy printing!

Greeting card that reads 'ye and me' in c